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Anantara Seminyak Resort Stories

There are three things to look for when heading to Seminyak: beach, sunset and glitz. This time for The Hotel Stories, we head to Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort and Spa to have it all.

All that clustered life has disappeared once we take a step into the hotel. Our sight is pleased with the sparks of the ocean, crisp water of swimming pool and that lush tropical surrounding that border with beach. Colors of umbrellas extend on the stretch of golden beach, the sound of chatters burst, and here, at the edge of the lobby where we stand right now, we can smell the salty scent greeting us as welcome. Sipping our fresh, healthy lemon water and sit under this lush tree, we think we have found an oasis to feel eased and relaxed. Checking in has never been this exciting.

Minimalist and woods are two things to describe the interior. Straight lines are combined with traditional details to accentuate the style, lightened up with some bright presences of tropical plants. The nuance is brightened up with light color of beige that matches perfectly with the bold character of dark wood.

While the Asian authenticity pamper us with warmth services and comforts, the luxury touch brings us a sense of worth, that we belong to this extravagant lifestyle and we deserve to be here. This is a place where blitz and Bali mixed into something lavish in the tropical paradise.

Later in time, we find smiles getting wider, and gestures become more energetic. The pace of working staff matches the arriving flocks of people who worship the sunset. In the kitchen the fire burns faster, ready to transform some raw ingredients into delicious treats to please the hungry hearts.

Walking further to the back of the lobby there is the zen pond to mild the sun’s raw energy. By the time the afternoon shine warms up the Earth, here in the peace point, shadows fall to cool our rage mood. As we feel calmer, we’re ready to ascend.

Sunset, shoreline and glitz anantara seminyak

Anantara Seminyak 1

Holiday starts when this scene becomes your everyday view.

Anantara Seminyak logo

Anantara Seminyak 2

Open air lobby of Anantara Seminyak Resort

Anantara Seminyak 3

The beach somehow makes a perfect hotel lobby

Anantara Seminyak lobby

Anantara Seminyak 4

Contemporary airy lobby hall and high doze of ocean breezes upon arrival. But what we love most is how the hotel combines accents. Stripes make bold statement, and the earthy colors calm the mood, giving a homey feeling after a long haul flight.

Sofa at the lobby

Anantara Seminyak 5

Sofa detail

Anantara Seminyak 6

Lemon water at Anantara Semiyak lobby

Anantara Seminyak 7

Complimentary bikes for Anantara seminyak guest

Anantara Seminyak 8

And who doesn’t love any extra service for free? These bikes are available for a complimentary use for in-house guests. Ride along the Seminyak coast during late afternoon and don’t miss any single stunning sunset.

The bold design also presents in Wild Orchid Restaurant, which is adjoined to the lobby.

Wild Orchid restaurant

Anantara Seminyak 9

Food from Wild Orchid restaurant

Anantara Seminyak 10

The scent of Asian foods being cooked teases our appetite, and oh, how submissive we are all to delicious foods.

Italian gelato at Anantara Seminyak Resort

Anantara Seminyak 11

Though Asian flairs dominate their theme, when it comes to ice cream, they agree Italy is the best to have.