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Anantara Seminyak Resort Stories

And there when we need some little time with ourselves, there’s a spacious private space to indulge. Soak in a large bathtub and read the article from Ultimate Spa book that tells about how Anantara’s spa won the Best Luxury Wellness Spa from in the 2015 World Luxury Spa Awards.

Bathtube at Anantara Seminyak

Anantara Seminyak 28

Anantara Seminyak bathroom

Anantara Seminyak 29

Anantara Seminyak bathtube

Anantara Seminyak 30

And how we all love big bathtub. With the idea that we are, the exhibitionists, can be so expressive through that wide sliding door that connects bathroom and bedroom. Warm light and exotic scent seem perfect to tickle the senses, or maybe it can lure the lover to join in the bubble bath. Beside, it’s just too big for oneself.

Dressing room of Anantara Seminyak, separate from the other room

Anantara Seminyak 31

And the most interesting feature of all is the dressing room that is separated from any other room. Cause we know that women need some extra privacy when it comes to dressing up.

Sleeper and bathrobe of Anantara Seminyak

Anantara Seminyak 32

Character, that what stands the best for a brand. Though it’s not that entirely traditional, adding a little bit indigenous touch for Anantara Beach Seminyak means more batik print and water hyacinth sandal. It gives the room the spirit of being in Asia while enjoying the modern glitz, of a sunsety room.

Anantara seminyak hair dryer ( read : hot air)

Anantara Seminyak 33

Anantara Seminyak bedroom

Anantara Seminyak 34

Outside bathtub of Anantara Seminyak suite room

Anantara Seminyak 35

If there is the most perfect feature, it must be this flowery balcony tub. It’s the statement of ultimate romance. The sunset, the openness, the beach, the desire. Amorous vibes fill the air. Lovers unite. Nothing else matters anymore. Well, unless you got champagne.

Can you spot the cupid?

Love flower arrangement in outside bathtub of Anantara Seminyak

Anantara Seminyak 36

View from Anantara Seminyak Resort

Anantara Seminyak 37

The view from behind the balcony tub.