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Anantara Seminyak Resort Stories

We got a chance to visit their award-winning spa, which is adjoined to the spa room (on the 4th floor).

The spa, which is side by side with the gym has this area as the lobby. Though we didn’t try the spa, we take a stroll inside the facility and feel lucky to have one treatment room empty so we can take a picture of it.

Just like the entire parts of the hotel, the Asian theme is still on focus. The treatment menu incorporates indigenous Balinese wellness traditions and ancient royal Javanese beauty secrets, trusted Thai and Ayurvedic therapies, and advanced western spa wisdom. So that you know, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the best spiritual essences from Asia.

Reception of Anantara Seminyak spa

Anantara Seminyak 42

Trophy of best spa for Anantara Seminyak spa

Anantara Seminyak 43

There, the pride. It’s truly a statement for excellency, and evidence that they do seriously think about spa quality. You can choose which scent or scrub you like to use, but the trophy stays on the table.

Spa ingredients

Anantara Seminyak 44

It’s time for tropical scent scrub.

Make your own dry poultice

Anantara Seminyak 45

Learn to make your own dry herbs poultice. Class is available every Monday at 4pm.

Hallway to the spa room

Anantara Seminyak 46

Along the spa hall

Chairs to wash our foot before treatment

Anantara Seminyak 47

Let’s admit one thing, we love being treated like a royalty. And it seems like those chairs are the best statements to describe our desire. There’s how it goes. Once in a while we deserve to have that feeling, and that day comes when we get the footbath ritual to start the spa treatment. Though we just ponder how it may feel like, maybe you can tell us your experience when you try one. The only thing we can say right now is how we like this cool spa room. To us, it does say something about Thai and Bali, if you notice the purple glass wall that matches so well with the water hyacinth mat. It smells good too.

Foot wash before spa treatment

Anantara Seminyak 48

Spa bedroom of Anantara Seminyak resort

Anantara Seminyak 49

Anantara Seminyak spa bed

Anantara Seminyak 50