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Anantara Seminyak Resort Stories

And here come our favorite part. We ascend to Moonlite, their most recent rooftop blast everyone’s been talking about. Moving up in a lift that takes us to that hip place, we join the crowds to salute the sun over some fun. Under that grid roof, we sit at ease, hooked to the light music sounds and loud chatters, watching the sky flaming on the west.

A night spent in Moonlite lasts longer than expected. Concoctions on offer starts as dark falls, and those who need a savory fix can feast on treats with twist. They bring Asia on plates, and Singapore brunch for Sunday, as an extension to our culinary jaunt. Hang on, this is just the start for tonight.

Moonlite kitchen and bar entrance

Anantara Seminyak 51

Moonlite Kitchen and Bar located at the top of Anantara Seminyak Resort

Anantara Seminyak 52

Let’s ascend. And this time, you don’t have to awkwardly enter the hotel if you wanna feel the Moonlite. Elevator of Moonlite is now separated, and access can be entered from the front of hotel entrance.

Seating formation at Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

Anantara Seminyak 53

Moonlite Kitchen and Bar table

Anantara Seminyak 54

Table setting of Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

Anantara Seminyak 55

Menu list of Moonlite Kitchen and Bar Anantara Seminyak Resort

Anantara Seminyak 56

Rice crackers and tuna calamansi

Anantara Seminyak 57

There are some traditional snacks to munch. You should try that rice crackers on the left, and the peanut one on the right, which will be perfected with some chunks of tuna with drops of calamansi orange, yes, that small sweet orange on the raw tuna. Trust us, it tastes good!

BBQ on the platter

Anantara Seminyak 58

Roll and roll that BBQ on a platter. Here comes the new trend for appetizer. We might feel guilty to munch on this meaty treat so early, but then a thought pop by, who cares? Those roasted duck and pork are so tempting, not to mention that glazy soy sauce to drizzle. At least there are some leaves to accentuate.

Crispy roasted pork of Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

Anantara Seminyak 59

We’re not sure whether we’re ready for dinner or not. But this crispy roasted pork, with pineapple, capsicum, calamansi, chili caramel sauce, says they’re not for the main course.

Sweet soy beef

Anantara Seminyak 60

We can’t relate to the truth that this bowl of sapi kecap manis (sweet soy beef) has the best mixes ever. For us it’s sultry, especially to chew that succulent meat that is seasoned well with chili and shallots. Not to mention the lemon basil that can elevate the flavor to the max. This is what we call an excellent play to our tongue.

Thirsty quencher

Anantara Seminyak 61

There are some concoctions but the drinks in front of us are definitely elixirs.

Sunset from Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

Anantara Seminyak 62

And there in the end of the day, we all need some times to be grateful. We sit, we sip, we celebrate the life. We long for the night to bathe in moonlight, but first, lets wave to the sun a short good bye.