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Berry Biz Hotel Stories

The bathroom is completed with soap, shampoo, dental kit, and hair dryer. Hair dryer is my favourite! We always want a good hair day on business trip, right? One thing, though, you need to equip yourself with your own amenities. Some provided may not sufficient enough if you have crazy bathroom routines.

Washtafel and quotes bathroom door

Berry Biz 54

Washtafel of Berry Biz Hotel

Berry Biz 55

Cupboard inside the bathroom

Berry Biz 56

hanger inside the cupboard

Berry Biz 57

Inside the cupboard

Berry Biz 58

Unique wall ornament

Berry Biz 59

Shower area inside the Berry Biz Hotel bathroom

Berry Biz 60

Shower after whole day meeting in super relaxed but throw away your dream to jump to the pool cause berry biz didn’t have pool. Little bit disappointed.

It’s a great place to stay for leisure, and yet an awesome place for business traveler. The staff was congenial, efficient and helpful. Great place for an overnight between flights, business travelling, etc. Oh, and lots lots of pillow to accompany our dream