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Fontana Hotel Bali Stories

There is something about Fontana Hotel Bali that is just so right, and we’re off to find it out for The Hotel Stories.

The wind blows gentle, swaying coconut trees and frangipani that décor the pool area of this eclectic hotel. We just arrive at Fontana Hotel Bali, trying to seek some peacefulness that seems so rare to have these days. It’s not the beach that we aim for, nor the glam lifestyle that binds us with the glitz and the blitz. We want a true inspiration, a new dimension that can amaze us with the elevated style that is different from the rest.

A walk further in takes us to an open space that is the lobby. We can feel the openness that is so tender, the smiles that melt our heart, and the spirit that is so warm. The earthy colors are the sign of their solemn soul. Afternoon sunlight radiates the room. Warm lights glow the quiet corners, and we’re falling to embrace that wide, comfy couch that stretch like the open arms. Maybe it is how they are, maybe that is they want to share, or maybe it is just their true colors.

But Fontana is more than that. It’s a fuse of urban vibe that meets vibrant tropical inspiration. We soak in the enlivening ambience that is so inviting, sipping libation of today’s energy from the barman. He will serve you salvation to quench your thirst. This round room lobby is a place to interact, a space to wait in style, and a way to elevate your playful mood. And as you try to embark from here, reach the beach of Kuta in that short distance or let them take you to the ‘capital’ that is Seminyak if you feel like dancing.

Fontana hotel front signage

Fontana 1

Fontana hotel logo on front gate

Fontana 2

Fontana lobby

Fontana 3

Fontana hotel lobby

Fontana 4

Fontana hotel reception

Fontana 5

Long sofa at Fontana lobby

Fontana 6

Fontana Hotel Bali lounge bar

Fontana 7

Lounge bar seat of Fontana Hotel Bali

Fontana 8

Exterior ornament of Fontana Bali

Fontana 9

Fontana Bali pool

Fontana 10

Fontana Bali pool

Fontana 11

Third floor Fontana Bali hallway

Fontana 12

Room number of Fontana Bali

Fontana 13

Wall ornament of Fontana Hotel Bali

Fontana 14

Balinese wall ornament of Fontana Bali

Fontana 15

Ducks wall ornament of Fontana Bali

Fontana 16

Meeting room of Fontana Hotel Bali

Fontana 17

Another meeting room of Fontana Bali

Fontana 18