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Padma Resort Legian Stories

The Hotel Stories hopper, bali known as island of GOD, island with thousands temple, island of art also the home of Padma Resort Legian. When visit bali or take vacation to bali, artsy feeling running around your step. Padma Resort Legian has a distinctive Bali ambience, they throw art in to their garden. Wherever you look, you will see artwork everywhere. From sculpture in the garden, Balinese carving on the wall. So we can called Padma Resort Legian as Garden of Art under the dancing shadows of Legian beach sunset

Padma Legian art show stage

Padma Legian 1

Statue after the entrance gate

Padma Legian 2

From the entrance, lobby, garden, pond, there is filled with artwork.

Statue in front of lobby

Padma Legian 3

Statue at Padma Legian garden

Padma Legian 4

Bird artwork at pond

Padma Legian 5

Artwork near Garden Club Lounge

Padma Legian 6

Koi fish artwork

Padma Legian 7

The resort is quite large lush greenery and ponds galore filled with koi fish from front to back making for a visually appealing.

Artwork at the garden

Padma Legian 8

Artwork at Padma Legian garden

Padma Legian 9

Big artwork at Padma Resort Legian lobby

Padma Legian 10

Lobby of Padma Legian

Padma Legian 11

Reception of Padma Legian

Padma Legian 12

Their lobby also filled with artwork

Welcome drink of Padma Resort Legian

Padma Legian 13