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Pondok Pundi Village Inn Stories

The staff are charming and professional. It is a family run place, and the family live in the compound in the middle of hotel area .This gives a nice sense of privacy as well as security when you enter. The Balinese family compound is actually set in the middle of the hotel which adds a nice traditional touch. If you want go to the pool and studio room, we have to cross the family compound through this Balinese gate. The pavement is exquisitely decorated with colour stones. If the family do some cultural activity, you can watch or join the activity

Balinese traditional gate in Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 25

Owner family compound of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 26

Family house of owner Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 27

Family compound

Pondok Pundi 28

Pathway to the studio room and pool

Steps in to the pool

Pondok Pundi 29

Pondok Pundi rooms

Pondok Pundi 30