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Pondok Pundi Village Inn Stories

The studio room located at the end of the hotel. There is 3 leves. Top floor is on street level, so few stairs. Levels 1 & 2 are down. There is a lovely balcony space in front of the room, sitting out there and listening to the wild life and watching the bats flying around.

Studio room veranda of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 37

Right outside our room is a very shady veranda with sitting area, where you can relax. Furniture in the hotel is made of real wood what is so rare nowadays.

Wood furniture of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 38

The intricate wood work framing the windows and the door was quite impressive.

Wood carving at studio room

Pondok Pundi 39

Studio room bed of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 40

Studio room of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 41

Spacious studio room with unfinished wall style on one side

Spacious studio room of pondok pundit

Pondok Pundi 42

Sofa at studio room of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 43

Wardrobe in studio room also equipped with safety deposit box and hanger

Safety deposit box and hanger in studio room

Pondok Pundi 44

The bathroom of studio room.

Bathtub and toilet of studio room

Pondok Pundi 45

Wash basin at studio room bathroom

Pondok Pundi 46

The lcd tv also mounted above the doorway in the Studio room

Lcd tv mounted above the door

Pondok Pundi 47

Beautifull hanging lamp makes Studio room more classic

Traditional hanging lamp inside studio room of Pondok Pundi

Pondok Pundi 48

Studio room with romantic lamp on the side of the bed

Pondok Pundi 49

Comfort bed of Pondok Pundi studio room

Pondok Pundi 50

Pondok Pundi is in the middle of everything in Ubud, but still very private setting behind the street (Monkey Forest Road).