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Ramayana Resort Stories

There is one thing that surprise me. Can you see three door cupboard?


Ramayana Resort 38

The middle door actually door to bathroom.

Club resort room

Ramayana Resort 39

Left door cupboard with iron, hat, safety deposit box

Bathroom view from cupboard with iron, hat, safety deposit box

Ramayana Resort 40

The right door cupboard with bathrobe, sleeper, umbrella

Iron, hat, emergency lamp, bag, hat inside the cupboard club resort room

Ramayana Resort 41

Bathrobe hanging in the cupboard

Ramayana Resort 42

Sleeper, laundry bag, bathrobe, umbrella inside the cupboard of club resort room

Ramayana Resort 43

Don’t want miss your favourite tv series? Don’t worry, there is lcd tv at the battube accompany you soak while watching your favourite tv series

Bathtub with lcd tv in club resort room

Ramayana Resort 44

Shower room

Ramayana Resort 45

Toilet with wall telephone

Ramayana Resort 46

Washtafel inside the bathroom

Ramayana Resort 47

bathtub with lcd tv on club resort room

Ramayana Resort 48

Feeling sleepy after soak? Just few step away to sleep on the bed

Bedroom view from bathtub

Ramayana Resort 49

Relax outside at the balcony? Absolutely relaxing. Big sofas and read lamp to read in the evening

View from club resort room balcony

Ramayana Resort 50

Sofa on the balcony

Ramayana Resort 51

Bedroom from door access to balcony

Bedroom of Club resort

Ramayana Resort 52

Balinese carving on head of your bed wall

Head wall ornament

Ramayana Resort 53

Club resort bedroom

Ramayana Resort 54