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Ramayana Resort Stories

Ramayana resort and spa have 2 pools, named Rama and Shinta. Rama pool are bigger and located in the middle of Ramayana resort.

Rama pool

Ramayana Resort 72

Rama pool

Ramayana Resort 73

The pool is nice and big and plenty of sun beds available so you never have to worry about getting down there early to get one. Sipping coctails by the pool, and you are in another world.

Sunbed near rama pool

Ramayana Resort 74

Shinta pool located near Gabah restaurant. Smaller than Rama pool

Shinta pool

Ramayana Resort 75

Shinta pool

Ramayana Resort 76

Want to taste Indonesia delicious food? Gabah restaurant serve various Indonesian yummy food.

Gabah restaurant menu

Ramayana Resort 77

Breakfast, lunch, dinner by the pool? Sure you can do….

Gabah restaurant near Shinta pool

Ramayana Resort 78

Gabah restaurant

Ramayana Resort 79

Gabah restaurant

Ramayana Resort 80

Seat of Gabah restaurant

Ramayana Resort 81

Gabah restaurant

Ramayana Resort 82

Gabah restaurant near Shinta pool

Ramayana Resort 83

Gabah restaurant

Ramayana Resort 84

This is one example of Gabah restaurant yummy Indonesian food. For me the portion is big. Make my stomach stop growling.

Gabah restaurant indonesia food

Ramayana Resort 85

Tea lover? You will surprise with the size of the tea glass. Huge tea glass to satisfy your tea desire

Ice tea of Gabah restaurant

Ramayana Resort 86

In the end, Ramayana Resort and Spa not the flashest place in town but it is comfortable. It’s great option for people who want to be close to everything, while still enjoying a quiet oasis amidst all the chaos.

For reservations, information and other inquiries please contact Ramayana Resort and Spa at :