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Samaja Villas Kunti Stories

The staff were very accommodating and very friendly. Staff assisted in every way they could. Staffs have high attention to detail as well as they will light up the mozzy repellent for us while we were out.

The breakfast was good which you could take in to the privacy of your villa. You could have American, continental or Indonesian breakfasts. The spa located on second floor near breakfast takes place. Relax on spa after breakfast it’s a good idea.

Spa reception of Samaja Villas

Samaja Villas 43

Table for tea time

Samaja Villas 44

The spa room its not so big, but still can accommodate your spa treatment

Spa room of Samaja Villas

Samaja Villas 45

Spa bed of Samaja Villas

Samaja Villas 46

Spa room on mirror reflection

Samaja Villas 47

Spa room with bathtub

Samaja Villas 48

Towel for spa

Samaja Villas 49